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August Vilakia

Software Engineer. A self-taught developer with an interest in Startups and Ultralearning.

🚀 Exploring opportunities and new technologies.

Currently building backend for mobile app (Fintech) at AlfaBank.

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Hey! I'm August Vilakia. I've been working as a Software Engineer for more than four years, mainly using Java and AWS.

I started my developer career at Pravo.ru back in 2018. From that, I studied more things every day fast-forward to today, I do programming in various languages and technologies, and I had the privilege to work in Sber and EPAM Systems.
Currently working on the backend for AlfaBank mobile application, hundreds of microservices, and daily user online 5 million people.

When I'm not working, I try to learn new technologies. For example, I studied Go and then worked using it for more than a year. Almost the same with AWS, but first I worked with AWS, and then I studied and got certified as AWS Solutions Architect.

August Vilakia

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November 14 2022


Podlodka it's popular Russian IT podcast and they making new format of IT conferences to make them more affordable. They also invite guests to talk about various popular topics. I am the guest speaker, will tell about Spring with AWS

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November 5 2022


August Vilakia will give a talk on November 8 at Joker is a conference for Java developers that’s held since 2013. It’s one of two largest and oldest Java conferences in Russia. The conference is held by JUG Ru Group.

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October 24 2022


DevFests are local tech conferences hosted by Google Developer Groups (GDG) around the world. There's one in Tashkent, and I applied to be a speaker.

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August Vilakia Updates #2 Speeches

December 21 2022 3 min read

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I'm currently specializing in Back-end Development.
Feel free to get in touch via Email, Twitter, LinkedIn, Telegram and discuss any ideas, projects

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